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Atlantic 9001 Bersaglieri d'Italia - ed. "L. 100" 1973

EUR 23.00

Atlantic 9001 Bersaglieri d'Italia , series " Soldati d'Italia ".

Veteran edition "L. 100", issued only between 1973-74 (see 3rd photo). This is the 1st box of Atlantic toy soldiers, from the age when they were sold for 100 Italian Lire. Starting from the second half of 1974, inflation made obsolete that price-mark which disappeared for ever.

The box wears all the scarfs of a glorious past in the toy box of a kid of the '70s but is still intact.The content is less than the original (see 2nd photo) but all poses are anyway still included, in quantity. Overall, a box that made history and a pretious collectible.

Edition: 1973, guaranteed original Atlantic. HO scale.

Rating: box F (fair), heavily used but intact. Content: all poses included in less pieces than the original (see 2nd photo).

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