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Revell Renwal Teracruzer with Mace Missile

EUR 75.60

Revell Monogram ( Renwal recast)

Teracruzer with Mace Missile

1:32 scale model kit of the series "Selected Subjects Program" (SSP), re-issue of the first produced by Renwal Blueprint Models during teh 1960’s.

The 278 parts kit makes it the 3rd largest commercial model ever, when mounted. The kit contains: huge Mace miissile, teracruzer mover/launcher truck, 5 crew member figures and decals with authentic U.S. Army graphics.

Technically "perfect" (claimed to be scaled from original US Army blueprints) with heart-breaking box-art. A huge collectable masterpiece, 100% complete and in perfect condition.

1:32 scale

Limited edition: 2012

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