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Pirates and Savages by Fontanini - ed. 1959

EUR 44.00

Fontanini made in Italy between 1955 and 1965 several sets of " toy soldiers ", in limited quantity, particularly noticeable for the quality of scuplture (they were carved upon design and material artwork by E. Simonetti , a renowned porcelain artist).

Nowadays, those paricularly rare figures, are appreciated among the finestl " toy soldiers " figures of all times and makers, distibguishable by the unique grace of the figuers.

The figures on sale are the " Pirates and Savages ", in a short 1:35 scale (55 mm), factory painted in the best quality, with few "chips" after so many years.

Here we have the original set with 3 different figures/poses of Pirates and 5 figures of " Savage " African natives, as they were then called in Italy.


Great items for an ambitious collection, promoted at a fare which in UK auctions may go 3 times higher.

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