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Matchbox PK-10 B.A.C. 167 StrikeMaster - ed. 1972

EUR 32.80

PK-10 B.A.C. 167 StrikeMaster

2-color model kit including, complete & built.

The model has been left unpainted with its original factory plastic, in order to preserve the 2-colors unique feature which made the Matchbox kits so popular among young modelers of the '70s, while the inner of the cockpit and the two pilots have been professionaly worked and painted to an high standard. The model wears the original Matchbox roundels/decals of Royal New Zealnd Air Force (RNZAF) of the early '70s.

The box is in excellent condition, and contains all left original pieces and decals, instruction sheet and base for display. A splendid collectable kit with vintage museum box-art.

1:72 scale

Edition: 1972. Rare.

Rating: box E (excellent), content: complete built.



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